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PITCH: #Wjchat, Live!


For the third year in a row, #wjchat, the weekly web journalism Twitter chat, hopes to be part of the ONA conference schedule.

Bring your minds, your questions and your experiences and we’ll host a live #wjchat about whatever you’ve got — questions about tools, philosophizing on the future of journalism, workplace issues or the latest news. 

We’ll cover it all, or as much as we can fit into our time. Head to wjchat.com or follow @wjchat on Twitter to learn more about the weekly web chat.

We’ve done it before, we’ve had fun, and we’d like to do it again!

[Bribery: There may or may not be more temporary tattoos at this unconference.]

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+1 +1 +1 - wish I was gonna be there!

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